Is Cane Garden Bay one of the best Caribbean beaches?

Cane Garden Bay

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Cane Garden Bay might just be one of the best Caribbean beaches. It's certainly the most popular in the Virgin Islands. Without question you will never find yourself alone here.

Cane Garden Bay is great for people watching, because it's so busy. When the cruise ships come in it gets a little to crazy for me to handle. Cane Garden Bay is too picturesque to miss, so I would advise you to visit in the morning or late afternoon.

In Cane Garden Bay there are many beach bars, hotels, restaurants, and activities. There's all sorts of water sports to be had 

Cane Garden Bay

I like to check out Quito's Gazebo, where you can find Quito and the Edge playing live music in the evenings. Or during the day hit Stanley's Welcome Bar and chow down on the ever-popular cheeseburger in paradise. Myett's is also a very popular there you can try some of chef Stone's culinary creations

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