Limin' your days away


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There's nothing I like to do more on my Tortola vacation than limin'. For those of you that are unaccustomed to this island term, please let me give you some help. The term literally means hanging out, or having a good time.

Tortola is famous for this tradition. The natives have been doing it here for decades. Tortolans have taught quite a few tourists how to enjoy themselves while on island time.

For people like me that means laying under a palm tree in the Tortola sun while drinking a refreshing rum punch. To me that's paradise on earth, every time I think about it a smile comes across my face. It reminds me a lot of the Corona beer commercials I see on TV.

Now please don't misunderstand me! Just because my idea of chillin' is drinking a rum punch on the beach, it doesn't have to be how you do it.

Your idea of lime time could be floating in the ocean, dancing to some island tunes, exploring a new beach, eating an amazing meal, or just relaxing with the one you love.

Tortola Sunset

Next time you hear me talking about limin' the day away you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Before you decide to fill up your vacation schedule make sure that you include plenty of Tortola's national pastime.

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