Tortola's Mid-Priced Hotels

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These mid-priced hotels offer you a compromise on price, but not on value. If you're like me, you want to stay in a nice place but still must adhere to a budget.

These are the places that I usually stay when I come to Tortola, and there are plenty to choose from.

The costs for the mid-range hotels are between $150-$250 per night. You won't find any chains like Marriott or Holiday Inn, for the most part these are local family owned hotels. Here is a map of all of the Tortola Hotels.

Sebastian's Seaside Villas is one of my favorite mid-priced hotels on the island. It's located on Apple Bay, which means it's great for surfing. The rooms are charming and up-to-date. The best part is that the beachfront rooms are right on the sand. There's nothing like waking up and taking a morning dip in the ocean!

Lambert Beach Resort

Lambert Beach Resort

If you're looking for mid-priced hotels with a picturesque stretch of beach then make your way to Lambert Beach Resort. The rooms are a bit dated, and the location is off the beaten path. If you're sole focus is the beach though, booking at Lambert would be a wise decision.

Maria's by the Sea is located in Road Town making it quite a bit different than Sebastian's. Shopping, restaurants, and businesses are all located close by. The rooms are clean and the service is friendly.

Moongoose Apartments

The Mongoose Apartments

Just down from Cane Garden Bay is the Mongoose Apartments. Rooms here have kitchens, air conditioning, and even outdoor BBQs. You can also use their water sports equipment. It's a great place to stay.

The rooms at the Village Cay Hotel have TVs, phones and air conditioning. To be honest though I question the cleanliness and the upkeep that the hotel staff is providing. In my opinion there are better options on the island.

Nanny Cay Hotel is another place that I would probably shy away from. There are many mixed reviews of this place, however it is extremely convenient for those catching a early morning yacht charter out of Nanny Cay Marina.

Myett's is a great little beach hotel on Cane Garden Bay. The rooms aren't fancy but do have a nice feel to them. Best off all, you will be right in the middle of all the exciting beach action.

The Moorings-Mariner Inn (Road Town) has marginal accommodations, much like Nanny Cay Hotel it's great for those travelers looking to set sail the next day.

Heritage Inn

The Heritage Inn

Just about everyone I know that's been to the Heritage Inn, raves about the place. The best part of the property is the amazing views of Western Tortola. The amenities are here as well with air conditioning, phones, TVs, kitchens, and balconies. The Bananakeet restaurant always has something good waiting for you.

The Ole Works Inn sits on Cane Garden Bay and is owned by local recording artist Quito Rymer. Although it's a happening spot for nightlife, the place does need some updating. I'd only stay here if I was looking for a good place to party and then crash for the night.

For a short stay, the Fort Burt Hotel will fit the bill. The rooms are clean and have many of the amenities that the business traveler requires. It's not really a great place to spend you're entire vacation, but I'd call it more of a jumping off point.

If you're not satisfied with the selection here take a look at the luxury accommodations, or maybe the cheap hotels are more your style.

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